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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
Ah. The same list I didn't even know existed until day before yesterday

I guess since I always use New Posts, I always see everything that's currently active anyway... maybe similar to the Unread thing on the app. Didn't realize there's another way...

Anyway, for Jeff's benefit if he's still observing, seems like a minor detail, doesn't look too many folks had or are having much trouble finding the thread.

For mods, it also seems like a minor detail that posts in the Commercial area I guess aren't scraped into that highlighted list thingy that most folks seem to know about. Couldn't be all that difficult to scrape from one more section, if you were to choose to want that. Given that the thread appears in New Posts, I'm not sure I can imagine why you wouldn't want it to also appear in other highlighted areas, anyway.

Just kibitzing, of course

Originally Posted by tegdesign View Post
David, I'm using Active Captain app (Companion?). Not running it through other software.
Same issue for me so I was doing even the basics all wrong amazing how much I have to learn

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Originally Posted by Donsan View Post

What am I missing here?
Advertising dollars. Perhaps Licensing dollars-don't know about that one for sure.

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As BandB points out, AC is a business. It offers/sells a product that many boaters appreciate and for those who don't, don't participate. I am curious about the eboat card. Anybody on TF care to share what information it asks for?
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Other than your email and password, which are the same as for AC website, the profile's required fields are:

Boat Name
Hailing Port
Owner's Names (first names, any names, are okay it seems)
Boat Make/Model
Time Zone

Hope this helps ...
Best ... Richard
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Originally Posted by djmarchand View Post
The active thread list is nice because clicking on one takes you to the last unread post. The New Posts list and presumably the Unread Post list on some apps does not.
I dunno about the Unread version, but if you click on the little thingy to the left of a thread title in the New Posts thread, it does take you to the next unread (i.e., first new) post.

Quick Links/Subscribed threads works the same way.

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For fun, I checked back to see if there was any activity. But this is my last posting here. I'll do it to correct some of the mis-information:

- Threads in this section of the forum are crippled from attracting new contributors. It might show up in some of the apps that exist. It doesn't show up in the website New Posts or the active discussion section.

- Everything I write here is carefully screened with associated threats. I can't write more than that because I will be removed.

- ActiveCaptain is most certainly a profitable business. It costs nothing for boaters to use it. In fact, we give away hats for free as you write reviews, etc. (we even pay for the shipping). Marinas and businesses pay us for extra capabilities and a little more exposure. But even that is handled differently. We turn down marinas every day who want to pay us. We feel our sponsors need to be of a certain quality before we'll allow them to pay us. That's a different business plan than anything else in this space but it works really well and creates an additional benefits to boaters.

- If you feel you want to "complain" about ActiveCaptain and the services it provides, make sure you're a user who is contributing to the data. It's always the people who have no points (our measure of who's adding to the data for everyone else) who complain the loudest. ActiveCaptain is about sharing local knowledge so everyone benefits. If the only thing you're interested in sharing are complaints, we can point you to other websites and services you might enjoy better.

I'm way overloaded with software development projects and the basic running of the ActiveCaptain business. It's a bigger than a full-time job along with living aboard and cruising thousands of miles every year while maintaining my trawler. I'm happy to provide a help forum for anyone interested in learning more. But if I'm going to do it, it has to be in a way that can attract others to view otherwise it's just a drain of time. It definitely cannot be in a way that purposely limits access and visibility.

That's why I set up an eBoatCards group called ActiveCaptain 101. The exposure there isn't limited in any way and I'm allowed to write what I believe.

It's all I've got to say. You're welcome to come over and learn more. I'm done here.

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