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Originally Posted by boatpoker View Post

PS. I am in the camp with RT, buy your last boat first, too much money to be lost doing it the other way.
(I had a nicely worded post that my web filter ate because I took too long to post it!)

This question is one of the reasons which lead me to post here on TF.

I have at a minimum four to seven years before I am actually ready to begin my "Trawler Lifestyle" and pursue my Great Loop adventure. Until that time, I would like to explore the Chesapeake and its tributaries. I would however by restricted by the clock and my PTO schedule and would be looking at a boat that would travel at higher than "trawler speeds" in order to facilitate the work schedule and possible "weather windows".

These weekend and possible week long mini-adventures would require berthing for my wife and I as well as my youngest son (6'2). And possibly my eldest son while home from college breaks. I also want to gain the experience of handling and managing larger power boats as my Catalina 30 experience is now more than 20 years ago.

The Bayliner 32xx and 38xx seems to me like a good choice (until I read Pascoe's reviews as outlined in my above posts). I understand Bayliners are not built to Mercedes / Rolls type standards but I've never owned a Mercedes or Rolls. And I have heard that these were probably the best built Bayliners maybe ever. I currently own a Bayliner bowrider and understand its quirks and foibles, but I take care of it and have not been towed home (yet).

I would love to have a Grand Banks Europa now, but it's not currently in the budget (Two 529 college plans ARE!)

The above notions have all been generated inside my own head and could be complete garbage (stinkin' thinkin').


If I buy my "last boat first" I may not have the range laid down by weekend warrior time constraints. Please expound.

A properly maintained Bayliner 32/38xx goes for around 30-40K (and up) and I can expect to sell it for about the same when the time comes. (If I maintain it and don't blow it up.) I did this with my Catalina 30. How does this impact the future of my actual trawler?

Dave Orwig
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Originally Posted by SeadawgVB View Post
A properly maintained Bayliner 32/38xx goes for around 30-40K (and up) and I can expect to sell it for about the same when the time comes. (If I maintain it and don't blow it up.)
I wouldn't put my money in that basket. The boat market changed dramatically in 2009 and demogrpahics suggest the flood will expand over the next few years (us old guys dying off) and is flooded with old boats at the bottom end.

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Mr. SVB. I concur with Mr. bp. ANY boat is NEVER an investment. Prices are set by the whims of the market. Bayliners have had a bad rep' over the years (undeserved IMO) exacerbated by idle dock chatter. Keep looking at the motor yacht option. Yes, they suck fuel when one has to get there fast but as has been reported in numerous threads on TF, they can return a surprisingly low fuel burn when operated at "trawler" speed.
Not wanting to intrude on your familial fisticuffs (son's) but your lads should be old enough to understand that this type of behavior will not be tolerated aboard.

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