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Aussie brainpickers

Hi one and all,
We are Australians 1yr in of a 5yr plan to liveaboard a Yachtfisher and cruise the Great Loop. Our goal is to return to America in 2020 - we RV'd for 8 months in 2010 and did a lap of the USA - purchase a used 50-70ft yachtfisher or pilothouse flushdeck. Do we have questions? Well, yes just a few, about 300,000 of them!

First things first though.
It will be our first large boat - experience to date - owned 20ft inboard sportboat on Sydney harbour.

US Immigration - our plan is to enter USA under established Visa regs, ie stay for up to 6months at a time. Last time, an application was made and granted for an extended visa to stay in excess of 6 months.

USCG - only UScitizens can register a vessel under USCG regs -
- state registration appears ok from what I have gleaned.

Boat Insurance - essential - we were able to secure RV insurance (THUM ins co.) for our road trip so am assuming boat insurance is available to non-us citizens. Ballpark cost and general insurance information is proving quite difficult to research. Will get quals/licenses etc from USCG or Squadron and/or others to mitigate risk.

Money - building our stack, right now purchase will be in the 200-300kus range. Forex and business conditions will dictate affordability. Superannuation (401k) and stocktrading will finance living, maintenance and fuel. Extensive budget being constructed to ascertain "real cost" of boat ownership and operation.

Vessel - Comfortable, reliable and dictated by senor's snoring - happy wife, happy life, soundproof cabins each end of the boat will keep her sweet.
A third will join us, my brother, so a 3rd dble or queen cabin will be required.
My research has revealed plenty of vessel options in the price range and with this configuration. Pouring over boat ads has become quite a seductive obsession.

The way we see it, an active, free-spirited retirement living on our floating home, travelling in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

KnA + D

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You got some ambitious goals. What is missing from the narrative is your boating experience. The Great Loop is about 6,000 miles and typically takes a year of boating under many varied circumstances. You will need some experience with boat maintenance in addition to navigation and seamanship. It would be best to get some boating experience before you get to the USA.

Also, I would suggest a sport fish is a poor choice of boat for this endeavor. First, it is designed to go fast to get you 50 miles or so out into the ocean, then do a few hours of fishing and then go fast to get home before darkness. There are few places on the loop where you will be able to go fast. Second, sport fish often have tuna towers and high air draft. You will need to have an air draft of 19 feet or less with lowered masts and poles.

You might want to join the American Great Loop Cruisers Association. They publish a lot of useful information on the loop. Also, read as many blogs as you can of folks who are on the loop or have completed it. Cruising America's Great Loop is also a good source for loop info.

Best of luck on your planning.
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