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Thrill Seekers

Don't try these at home folks.

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It's amazing what some people will do to stretch their boundaries.

Not for me, I'm....

Chicken GFC

Mike and Tina
Beachcomber 1995 Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge
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Cool video Ron. What amazes me is how much of that crazy crap my boys do. Down hill bmx racing, skate boarding and par cour especially. They inherited their fathers stupid gene because I did a lot of stupid crap years ago. Just seems a bit more extreme these days.

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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TF Site Team
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I think the GoPro cameras make them temporarily more stupid in an effort to make that great video! Kinda like, "Hold my beer and watch this!"
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To each their own I guess. I'm an avid skier and still ride dirt bike like I'm still in my twenties. Cool vid forsure.
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Master and Commander
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Ouch! Crunch! Wow! ...

What people will do to get an adrenalin rush!

That's not me.

My second son is now recovering from his second knee surgery due to a single skateboard incident, however.

He'd have more sense if he took up boating going 6.3 knots.

Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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Fortunately GoPro wasn't around to document my teenage years. In retrospect, it's a miracle I survived!

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