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Originally Posted by CPseudonym View Post
You miss the point by accepting the premise of Tesla being an "automobile company". Tesla is a "transportation automation company", and not luxury sports cars, semi-trucks are the ultimate destination. FF is spot on about how the cash is flowing now but the software and placement in the market will be the ultimate product IMO. Perhaps before Trump's first term is over.

Don't start calling me Craigstradamus just yet but this posturing between two future transportation giants interests me. I wouldn't be surprised if a merger happens between Uber and Tesla. Tesla working with the team from Otto could be a potent brain trust.

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It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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My prediction is the latest developments in multi fuel engines will reduce the engine weight and mass by about 90% .

Weather this will be enough to dump the batteries , or add an extra 500lbs is yet to be determined.

The Big Bucks are flowing to make batts stronger and lighter , faster charging and and to have less chance of burning.

But if your multifuel car gets 60-75 mpg and costs $25K who would care about a $100K car that gets an " adjusted" 100 mpg?

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Battery Technologies

Battery technologies are advancing quite rapidly.

Electric cars are the future. And the electric motor's inherent torque characteristics match the needs of a vehicle much better than an ICE.
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I think that Elon Musk is a great innovator and that his cars will be a success. As far as Tesla being a good investment is a different story. The share price is much too high for a company that has been losing money. General Motors and Tesla are both worth roughly 50 billion dollars each. Last year TSLA lost 722 million dollars while GM(who also make electric cars) had a profit of 10 billion dollars. It might not be as glamorous but I've invested my money in GM. They're not the same company that went bankrupt.
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Welcome aboard.

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