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RE: Snow Day

Phil Fill wrote:
Inside a boat house in Port Orgard is not save with 1+ ft of snow to absorb all the rain that is coming. The Evetet Marine spend all day taking the snow off the roofs. 10 years ago when the boats *sank snd roof came down with the*weight. I also clean the snow off the boat.* We do not drink alcoholic beverages, but the coffee pot is on.

-- Edited by Phil Fill on Friday 20th of January 2012 09:55:12 AM
*Same boathouse survived the last ice storm in 1995(?) without even getting the wood wet. Most houses that didn't crumble from rot had walkways awash from the weight pushing them down. The guy that built my house (me) put enough flotation in to allow for aging and for added loads.

The report I got yesterday from my boats caretaker was 4" of snow, saturated with water and frozen to ice. He said you couldn't tell it was carrying extra weight.

Our Yacht Club suffered damage to the common cover section last time like most marinas did. The maintenance guys added a water distribution system to the peak of the roof so now they just pump relatively warm sea water up to the peak and allow it to melt the snow before the ice forms. This will be the biggest event we've seen since that addition so it will be interesting to see how well it works under real conditions.

I'll set out a couple extra glasses and a coffee cup. Do you want yours with ice or neat Carey?


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RE: Snow Day

2bucks wrote:

I'll set out a couple extra glasses and a coffee cup. Do you want yours with ice or neat Carey?


Make mine a double, neat.**

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