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Paying kids to attend school

Schools paying students to attend class and not play hookey.*$25.00 a week for seniors,*$10.00 for lower classes,*just to attend class, no grade point involved.

Funded by private donors and Our Tax Dollars, no mention of the ratio I'd sure like to know that figure.

I can't think of anything to else to say about this idiotic idea.

You can read the details here

Steve W.


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RE: Paying kids to attend school

Most kids , esp from families that prefer the hammock to honest work have no concept of the value of efukation.

Its just not part of their lives , as anyone successful soon departs their neighborhood.

With failed Skools costing over $15,000 per kid per year , and Democrats not allowing better cheaper non union skools ,

paying kids seems a far better idea than being "graduated" from high skool and not being able to read the diploma.

For most kids the "diploma" or lack of one is a free pass to prison.

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RE: Paying kids to attend school

How many "college graduate" pro athletes resort to holding up 7-11s when their career ends? How many prisons in America hold grandfather-father- son from the same family? "The family that preys together, stays together."
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RE: Paying kids to attend school

Since the 1960s our government has fostered a culture of dependency on government. *Lately it is accellerating at light speed. *So, now we are paying kids to take advantage of a free education. *Why not? *Free school, free meals, and dependency on welfare with single parents. *Yes, even two and three generation welfare families.

We have not taught the value of education and achievement. *We have rewarded with no achievement in the name of equality. *That does not make people equal, but causes even more disparity. *Nearly half the people paying no income tax, and them saying that the other half are not paying their fair share. *Come on, we need fundamental change. *Will it be painful in the short run? *Probably. *Will it be better for the long run? *Most definitely. *All men are created equal. *It is up to them from there.
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