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For our motorcycle riders

This is the ride through the mountains between Tennessee and North Carolina. It goes through Deal's Gap, and is known as the "Tail of the Dragon".

Here is another ride on GA Hiway 60 thru the N. GA mountains thru Suches. This is the drive to our mountain cabin. Lou's little turbo SAAB is a treat to drive here. My Suburban, well, not so much. It really gets interesting at night when a deer can jump in front at anytime. It's even worse when we run up behind a Florida tagged vehicle. (They just don't know how to drive in the mountains). As soon as the weather clears we have to get back over to clear up downed trees. Then we can go to the boat.


Don on Moonstruck
Sabre 42 Hardtop Express & Blackfin 25 CC
When cruising life is simpler, but on a grander scale (author unknown)
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The "Tail" is a fun road to run once or twice, though for me it gets old quickly. Too tight, too crowded. Getting behind a pirate parade on that road is like having a beautiful woman you cannot touch.

The Cherahola Skyway, now THAT is a road!

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We have a few fun roads out here too.

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If you want to have a real blast, take Hwy 212 from Montana to Yellowstone.
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Picton to Havelock, NZ via Queen Charlotte Dr. Never turned so much in my life!
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Old Skyline Drive. The more fun part north of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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From Terlingua to Persidio Texas. Hold your breath, get leather seated underwear. Goes left right, up down and all in between. See wild donkeys, hogs and other politicians along with wildlife like road runners. Runs parallel with the Rio Grande, lookin at Mexico on your left the whole way. Some of the steepest short hills on a highway in the USA.
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Bored? I'll get me one of them GoPro cameras on the bow of my diesel-powered cabin cruiser... Now that'll be a game changer. You talk about being on the edge of your seat! Thanks, Don.
"Mahalo Moi"
1986 GB-42 Classic
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Hi all,
Motorcycles and boats. Love them both. Just designing a hydraulic folding crane for two uses. To lift the generator in and out for servicing and to load and unload the Harley. Heading for Florida next winter and making plans to take my bike.
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I have had motorcycles for the last 45 years, and this year I'm designing a new hydraulic lift for my crypt. It will have an hydraulic door over it that will lift at the same time as the Bike lifts. I purchased an Auto-Crane to lift the Bike from the boat to the dock and visa-versa. The plan is to not have to worry about renting a vehicle for land transportation and the added expense. The cost to build this system will hopefully out-way the expense of various car rentals in the long run. My Bike weighs over 800 lbs. so I've had to calculate a balance of ballast for the bow. A little luck will soon tell the tale, plus or minus a few chain links.
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Originally Posted by dhmeissner View Post
We have a few fun roads out here too.

Is that the Lolo Pass run down the Lochsa? One of the best in the west!

Cheers, Vic
SHASA III - Transworld 40 Sundeck Tri-cabin
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