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Have Facebook, Twitter, and the rest really affected us that much?

I used to read this site for several years before becoming a member and really enjoyed the type of members the site appeared to attract. They conducted themselves for the most part like gentlemen and ladies with discretion and courtesy. They wanted nothing more than to help each other and promote the boating hobby/lifestyle. I've been on boats my entire life from 12' pirogues to 150' crew boats and everything commercial and pleasure between, and those were people like me. Since joining however, it seems like a different morality is taking over and its "post whatever you want, wherever you like" with absolutely no etiquette or concern about how its perceived and no matter if you have real life experience with said topic or not. I thought long and hard about posting my boat for sale here because of this, but since I hadn't been on here in awhile, I'd give it a shot. My boat is ideal for the average guy who doesn't want to spend his entire retirement egg on a boat but still wants a decent sized reliable trawler and isn't afraid to change his own oil instead of hiring a mechanic and using the $$ difference on a new gee-gaw, more fuel, or to just use the boat more often. I know what is out there and the prices being asked for different qualities. I priced mine extremely well since I got a good deal on it hoping for a quick no hassle sale.
Feel free to see my add to see how that turned out:face palm:

Perhaps I'm just too old fashioned, but I now see why so many other sites don't allow replies in their classifieds.

TIME well wasted
34' Mainship III
Cape Coral, FL
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Mr. 71. Indeed...

$35K seems QUITE decent.
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