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Good Supplier Bad Supplier

List mates,

When a company does well it needs to be praised as I have in the past with several products and services everyone needs to know about. Unfortunately when a company does not perform or acts like they donít care about customer service then everyone needs to know this as well.

I like to give a company or person the benefit of the doubt but when they refuse to even acknowledge a problem may exist it is time to tell everyone how bad of an experience it has been.

The company in question is a west coast company called by two different names. Maybe this should have been the first clue. The first name I came across was AxonRF, Inc. and the second is Yacht Products International. They both use the same address in Kirkland WA and the same phone numbers.

I was looking for a light switch to match the switches on my 2006 Mainship 34t. The switches are in a three switch panel and are from the Vimar line of switches which are made in Italy. When I went to the Vimar site I was armed with the dimensions of the switch that I needed to replace as in height, width and depth in both cm and inches. After searching the various switches available I settled on a switch that seemed to be the correct size. This switch was a SPDT Center Off Up/Down which is to be connected to a Blue Seas dimmer circuit. If this works as expected I will need five more switches as well.

I ordered the switch on line by the descriptions that were available to me and paid with a credit card. I also paid extra so to get three day shipping and have the part ASAP so that I could get on with the project. To be clear I ordered the part on my own. My fault.
The billing invoice came from AxonRF in WA. This was on Tuesday of last week. The part arrived on Thursday a day early. That was due to the fact that the WA company had it drop shipped from the distributor in Rivera Beach FL. All was great or so I thought.

When I opened the box the switch that was in the box was the one I ordered but it did not fit the panel that I had. True the size was correct but what I had not realized is that the one I ordered was a new style of that size and the rocker on the front of the switch was now as big as the whole switch but the one I needed to replace was an older style and the rocker was about 2/3ís the size as the new replacement switch.

Not to worry I thought I will call, have them help me with the new number for the correct switch and I would return the old one for credit and pay any differences needed for the new switch. I called Friday AM and explained the problem to the recording and waited for the return call. I called again on Monday and again on Tuesday each time leaving a message on the recording for voice mail. It is now 2:00PM Wednesday and still nothing.

In the mean time I called the distributor in FL on Friday late in the afternoon so that I might at least have the correct switch number. I talked to a young lady named Cynthia Elsaesser at C. Smith & Associates (aka DRSA). She explained that they had not sold me the switch but were just the distributor and even though the switch came from them it would have to be returned to WA or to them by agreement with Axon. I fully understood that and I asked if she could help me identify the correct switch. After about ten minutes on the phone she told me it came from a series known as the 8000 series and the switch I need was an 08280. Being late in the day on Friday, and I had not heard from the WA company, I asked if I could just order one from her. Of course she said yes and it arrived yesterday afternoon. It looks like the correct switch.

When I need to order the five additional switches I of course I will order them directly from Daniel R. Smith & Associates.

Iím only glad that I had not ordered a $400 part from the folks in WA. It may have cost me a $22 lesson but my guess is that when folks read this and see how they do business it will cost them a lot more.

So if you need lighting products under the Vimar name order them from:

Cynthia Elsaesser, Sales Representative

C. Smith & Associates (aka DRSA)
7950 Central Industrial Drive
Suite 106
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Tel: (561) 842-5704 Ext. 11
Fax: (561) 842-5705

If you want to be treated like a no account then you might try:

Yacht Products International or AxonRF (which ever name they are going by today)
218 Main Street
Suite 393
Kirkland WA 98033
866 301-2970
or 425 889-2526

Hopefully this will keep others from making the same mistake.

Someone eamiled me ans said that the address thes clowns are using is in fact a UPS Store.

M/V Stella Di Mare
New Bern NC
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