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A good boating book.

While fishing up the north end of Vancouver Island this past July, I picked up a book in the drugstore at Port McNeil that I hadn't heard of before. It's called "The Fisher Queen," by Sylvia Taylor.

My job sends me all over the world, but there is nowhere I have been yet that surpasses my favorite part of the planet, the so-called "jungles," the countless islands between Campbell River, BC and Queen Charlotte Strait.

Thanks to the captstan windlass on the front of my 1973 Land Rover (another story), I first saw these waters in 1977 on the BC ferry from Prince Rupert to Vancouver Island on my way home to Hawaii after a six-week camping and fishing vacation in the Yukon.

Standing on the deck of the ferry watching the amazing environment that is the Inside Passage slide past, I vowed I would someday live here. It took me two years to work up the nerve to quit an enjoyable and well-paying job in television in Honolulu and do it, but I finally made the move.

So I'm interested in anything having to do with the area, and have read all sorts of books, from the required-reading "Curve of Time" to "Whistle up the Inlet", the story of the Union Steamship Company.

"Fisher Queen" gives a remarkable look at commercial salmon trolling, as told by a woman who, when she was 22 or so, served as a deckhand for a season to a fellow who fished a 40-foot troller. The picture she paints of fishing around the north end of Vancouver Island is unlike any other I have read.

She does a great job of capturing the "mood" of the area, as well putting the reader in the middle of the often-terrifying weather and sea conditions the trollers worked in.

"The Fisher Queen" is available on Kindle as well as in print. I highly recommend it to anyone who's as fascinated by this region as I am, and who is particularly fascinated by the people, past and present, who've chosen to make their living on these waters.
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