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Copper Bottom Paint

We received a questionaire from our yacht club regarding the type of bottom paint on our vessel. It seems that the enviro-nazis want to eliminate copper bottom paint. According to the questionaire, if the club does not get an adaquate response, they will be fined for non-compliance. I*have not, and will not respond.

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RE: Copper Bottom Paint

Non compliance with what? Is there a law against copper bottom paint where you are? CA maybe? I* know that's been a goal, but what do they think we'll replace it with?

(PSST... tri-butyl tin is available at your house paint store, and mixes in with your boat paint just fine...)

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RE: Copper Bottom Paint

Heh... another alternative to copper is to find a concentrate of Capsicum (Capsaicin), which is the heat proponent in chili peppers. This can be added to whatever bottom paint you choose to apply.

Let me tell you, organic organisms [sic] avoid the stuff like the plague.

One source for this can be found at:
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RE: Copper Bottom Paint

Chuck's idea works well, and has been doing so for years.

California has been cracking down on the amount of copper in paints for a long time, so while I was living there I first used paint I purchased from government surplus.* That stuff had a really high copper concentrate.

When I could no longer find*government paint*I shot oleoresin capsicum (O.C. pepper spray) into the paint I could legally purchase, and it worked great.* Something about the peppers in the spray that marine organisms, as well as people, aren't fond of.* Pepper spray is legally purchased as a less than lethal weapon, but you must really be careful when spraying it into your paint.* The fumes will keep you tearing up for quite a while.* In my former employment I used this stuff a LOT, but never on boats.* Nice to see it has another use.

Mike Wiley
Brookings, Oregon

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