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A bit of levity

This is a string of emails between myself and a prominent purveyor of expensive ship instruments such as clock, sextants, barometers and such who shall remain*not named.*But their offices are in the town sometime called the sailing capital of America when they have the boat show. *Some time it is fun to poke the bear as they say.* This clock list at just north of $470 and the thermometer and barometer are*each close to that price.* So it is understandable as to*why the frustration with $1,300+ worth of product.

I will list them as they were sent.
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2011 9:06 AM
Subject: 8 day clock

I*hope you had a good day with your grandchildren on Friday.* Having a Monday and Friday off in the same week might become a habit.* That's what happened to me so I just quit.
I had called to check that my 8 day clock had indeed arrived and it has and is in for it's repair.* I am a bit concerned on two counts.* First off this is the second time this clock has been back for repair in less than five years which seems a bit*excessive to me.* The second concern is the finish on my three instruments.* All three have some signs of tarnishing.* These three pieces have never been exposed to the elements in any way.* For the first three years they were mounted inside my 40' sail boat that had both heat and A/C.* They were mounted on a bulkhead that was not near an opening port or hatch of any kind.* The A/C was always on in the summer and the heat was on to at least 60 degrees in the winter.* When they came off of the sail boat, as I had it for sale, they were stored here in my home office.* Then they were installed on a bulkhead inside of a controlled environment one again on my Trawler.**I have*noticed that they are starting to get some tarnishing in the lacquer finish.* This is happening to all three of them.* Could you please have a look at the clock and advise me as to the cause.* I'm a bit disappointed due to the cost of each of these instruments.

*As I was typing I remembered one item on the clock that I had not written down on the repair sheet.* The*roll pin on the face hinge seems to want to fall out of the bottom of the hinge and is very loose so could you please have your technician reset that hinge pin.

*Thank you for your time and help.
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2011 8:58 AM
Subject: RE: 8 day clock

Your did arrive here for repair.* It can take up to four weeks to service a mechanical clock.* I will pass on the information to our technician regarding the hinge.* As far as the finish, these instruments should be kept free of dust and moisture which sometimes causes pitting.* We do not do any refinishing at our facility.* You can either contact a local metal refinisher in your area or refinish the instrument yourself.* You would first need to remove the lacquer with a mild ascetone such as a nail polish remover and then polish the brass with a non-abrasive brass polish and then relacquer the instrument.

(Name)*** Customer Service Coordinator
Date: June 6 2011
Re: 8 day clock
Thank you for your reply.
"As far as the finish, these instruments should be kept free of dust and moisture which sometimes causes pitting.*"
I was merely mentioning it.* Although I do find it strange that your company makes and markets instruments that are to be used on boats that for the most part are used in, on or near water and then*warn the owner*that said instruments are*to protected not from liquid*water but moisture in the air as well.* I'm not sure how one would do that.*Maybe the clock and the thermometer could be kept in an air tight case (which would make the winding of the clock a bit difficult every 8 days). Of course*that same case would render the barometer all but useless.
That's very similar to someone building a part for*an earth satellite*and warning that the part should not be used or exposed to a vacuum or temperatures of less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit*at any time.* Are you sure your CEO isn't a politician?
In any case thank you for your assistance and I am looking forward to getting my clock back for the second time.


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RE: A bit of levity

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