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Scraping Paint
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Originally Posted by THD View Post
I don't feed the seagulls but still have to wash seagull poop off my decks!
Around here we get iguana crap as well. But, as long as there are no tourists around they are easy to get rid of.

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Norther Spy you crack me up. I'll bring that mood ring idea up with Janet.

As to the rest, there's two hyperlinks at the bottom of every page. One is terms of service, the other is community rules. Everybody with an account here(regardless of when that account was created) checked a box agreeing to abide by them. Nobody is exempt including site team members.

If you take the time to read them you will find we don't run this place with the iron fist some would have you think. Quite the contrary because if we did I wouldn't be here myself. It really all boils down to the be nice rule. If you have to put others down to make your point it is probably not in keeping with the intent of the be nice rule.

Now as this thread has nothing to do with the general subject matter of this forum I am going to move it to the Off Topic section of the forum. Because to be honest with everybody, relocating threads to their proper sub forum accounts for well over 95% of my job at this forum. And for the record it will stay open and unedited so long as it does not violate the community rules.


It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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Thanks! Craig!!

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