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Removing Cabin Doors on OA 38

I have been wanting pull the cabin doors and upgrade the slides and wheels, if there are any, on my OA 38. I cannot for the life of me figure how to pull the doors out of the track. You'd think it would lift out like a typical sliding glass door, but nope. I'm thinking I may have to get creative with my Fein tool to modify it to pull it out. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Have you asked OA?

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For the side door on our 440 the bottom track must be removed. For the rear door, which is an inverted "L" shape, the top track must be removed.

By the way, I replaced the bottom track rails on both doors a few years ago and they're both showing cracks around the screw holes again. Anyone found a metal rail of the proper dimensions? I'm thinking brass might be a good substitute for the plastic (assuming the rollers are retained).
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If you cant lift the door up and pull the bottom end out like a sliding door does, then you have to drill out the bungs and remove the screws on the bottom wood rail. Look close, you'll see them on the side of it. The whole door frame screws onto the boat.

Be careful, the door is heavy and can break the bottom frame rail from the weight alone. So be sure and hold it up as you slide it back once you take the screws out.
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