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I have the 1984 version of that boat. The tanks are wrapped in insulation to (I presume) reduce sweating. I purchased the boat 8 years ago and the surveyor at that time checked them out as best he could, seemed to think that the installation was OK, but the steel tanks were always a crap shoot in this vintage. I have spent much time planning for the inevitable and when the time comes, will cut out with a sawzall and replace with plastic tanks hooked to a manifold.
This should be able to be done with engines in place, but will have to move Hot water heater, and maybe genset. I have Perkins 135's so maybe overall more room in my engine room.
I do question the 14kt top speed. In my opinion, which is worth what you pay for it, the 210 hp engines are way overkill. I usually cruise at around 1,950 RPM, which gets me close to 8 kts. Goosing it up to 2,300 RPM's gets me 9-9.5 kts. Maybe the extra horsepower get's you over the hump and you start planning? I have run across other 38's and never seen one plane. I do love the boat, and it has one of the best sized showers on any 38 footer I've seen.
Good luck

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Thanks for the feedback. I am still wary of this boat and have been exploring other Ocean 40s.
I have heard that diesel and permeate plastic and cause lots of fumes. Has anyone had trouble with plastic tanks? I have also heard of cutting just the top of the old tank and filling with a moldable rubber bladders.

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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
How many times in the past 10 years has the oil been changed?

BTW, the engines pretty well take up the hatch opening in the 38 don't they? Does this mean for tank replacement out they come.
It may be deceiving. I have 4 hatches that lift out and then the cross members lift out as well. Looks like the same idea here.
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When I replaced both tanks (160 gals each) (35' CT Trawler) we had to remove both engines, hung them in the salon on an "A" frame, one at a time, removed old tank, installed new tank, reinstalled the engine, then on to the next tank, same process. Cost was around $12,000. 8 hours to take out each engine, 11 hours to reinstall each engine @ $85. per hour. Balance of the costs where tanks, parts, hose, fittings and the actual labor to remove old and install new tanks.

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fuel tanks, ocean alexander

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