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fuel valves and fuel tanks

I have a 1982 trawler with twin 120 lehmans. Im new to the boat. All my fuel valves are in open flow position including splash return valves. when I dip tanks its always port tank that consumes fuel. I can motor say 12 hours and starboard tanks may be down an inch, port tank down 5 inches, this is from both tanks full and measured. Were these tanks not designed with a crossover valve. Is this common. Thanks for opinions.

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We can’t see what you can, so you need to determine if you do have a crossover line, and if it is open and large enough to be functional.
Return fuel usually finds a “favorite”route, that of least resistance, so when both return valves are open, it still only feeds to the favored tank.
What are splash valves? Does the boat have a spill containment system at the filler? If so, I’d say that’s a really good thing to have!

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You didn't mention the manufacturer of your boat but I suspect most did install small dia crossover lines with a valve. It may take a number of hours for the tanks to balance. I would make a diagram of the feed and return lines. Sounds like both engines are returning to the starboard tank. Or the port return line is pinched.
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Fuel valves and tanks

Ty for your replies. Itís a Ocean Alexander 40 ft. All fuel lines look to be in great condition and all valves open. I do believe that yes perhaps fuel return splash is returning to starboard tank. Why I have no idea.
Appreciate the suggestions. Iíve had twin diesels before and have always had tanks burn evenly and remain balanced. Iíll get some better mind than mine to have a look
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