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A Klip is like a Danforth isn't it? Is that the Danforth like anchor that Manson makes? They show a Danforth like anchor w some text about fishermen.


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We love our "two hurricanes" 70lb Danforth so much that I had Lyman Pettigrey weld some repairs/reinforcements on it last summer. Sometime this winter it's going off to the galvanizers.

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Cant wait to hear Eric`s evaluation on this one. It would look good on my pulpjt, which is the important thing. Could bring up a heck of a clump, though.

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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
A Klip is like a Danforth isn't it? Is that the Danforth like anchor that Manson makes? They show a Danforth like anchor w some text about fishermen.
No - nothing like a Danforth,

The flukes are more like on a kedge type anchor, but it has two holding rather than one.
Probably has poor holding in soft sand or mud, but great for heavy vegetation on a limestone bottom.
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Originally Posted by THD View Post
I am not sure that dual anchor system would really add much in normal situations. I gather from the video that one would drop the first anchor some distance, engage a chain lock on the second and then continue to drop it. Which anchor sets first and how does that affect the second anchor setting? It seems that if there is any slack in the chain between the two anchors, then the load is still being carried by only one anchor. I would like to see a video of the anchors hitting bottom and being set. It also increases the chances of a fouled anchor.
Actually I agree, and more to the point, it looks like a thinly disguised way for Wemar to produce what looks like an almost exact copy of the Rocna, (i.e. roll bar with concave fluke), but get around patent by adding in a female version in tandem with convex instead of concave fluke. However, setting it well, and being sure both are set well, would be tricky, and altogether too much trouble for the most common usage situation.

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That looks like a royal PITA to deploy and retrieve and I have to wonder how it would work for folks who anchor where there's a strong reversing tidal current.

My claw anchor has never let me down, it is easy to use, has no moving parts to wear or break, and it's relatively inexpensive as far as anchors go.

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