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Originally Posted by FF View Post
On many boats the anchor does not have to be man handled, it stows in a Hawse Hole or on a bow roller.

Weather it brings up mud? Who cares????


One of the few things all the rain here in the PNW is good for. Cleaning mud off the anchor.

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Eric said:
I hope he appeals to Cary and pulls him back.

Marin left me alone with my decision, and I just missed everyone too much to stay gone. Good to see you are back. Did you get that beautiful Willard down here?

Carey Worthen
Master of Disaster
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Weather(sic) it brings up mud? Who cares????

Every speck of mud gets blasted off our chain and anchor using the washdown pump, every time it comes up. On a previous boat I found about 4 inches of mud in the base of an unusually large locker you could stand in,about 4 ft deep too.Yes,I know,that left 3ft 8 inches of locker to fill,still rather it gets stored clean. BruceK
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Cary I'm very glad to see you're still here. What happened to Walt?

I not only don't like the shackle slots I do'nt care for the fluke slots either. If I was down under in the coral I'd prolly like the shackle slot just fine but a bolt near the end of the shank keeps the rode attachment fixed in the conventional place. If a 180 degree wind shift should occur the anchor would most likely be pulled out and need to reset. Most anchors do'nt remain set w a 180 reversal anyway so a slot really should'nt make a difference. I suspect, however, that the fluke slots keep the Sarca from performing as well holding as the Rocna and others in the anchor tests. If I put slots in my propeller blades the thrust would prolly go south too. I'd like to buy one and weld up the slots. I thought the job of an anchor was to maximize the suction behind it. All bottoms are a fluid ......some much more dense than others but still a fluid. Nix on slots where there is'nt coral or similar bottoms. Just say'in

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