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Actually Richard I can attach or detach it with one hand by squatting in the flat area to the port side of the chain. It has to be that way since the other hand is always for the boat. Those are spinnaker shackles.

Spell check via iPhone.

Via iOS.
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Well, if we are going to get all detailed.
I have bungee cord across pulpit for another reason and I use that.

I'm not even sure if we are talking about the same thing, as this whole thread seems pretty cut and dry to me so I'm not sure why there is any question.

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Originally Posted by FlyWright View Post
Either I didn't explain it well or you didn't read the whole post. I don't hook mine as shown in the video. I connect it as explained in the post to relieve the load on the windlass.

Maybe I'll make my own youtube video to get the point across more effectively.
Originally Posted by FlyWright
When the length is about right, I cleat the line and release another foot or so of chain to load the snubber and unload the chain. It's set so that the chain takes up load as the snubber reaches its max extension.
No, I get that. But my point is that once the snubber has reached its full extension any additional tug on the chain due to wave action is going to be felt directly by the windlass.

What I'm looking for is a way to attach a chain hook to the chain that is then connected directly to the bow cleats. That would remove any strain and shock from the windlass.

Sorry I didn't make myself clearer in my post above where I asked about an easy way to attach the chain hook to my chain.
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The Shockle would have to reach it's full extension and completely fail for the windlass to carry the load. I've never even seen it at full extension since it works in harmony with the cantilever to absorb the shock.

I'll admit that we have very protected anchorages in benign water in much of the Delta. I don't stress its limits in my anchoring.
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The United States Navy uses nylon for its mooring lines for a reason. Nylon is by and far more used for anchor rode than any other line. It stretches 28% of its length before parting, it, unless extremely stretched for an extended period , returns to its original length or thereabouts. There is a reason nylon is used. No need to reinvent the wheel.

I have 65' of 5/16 chain and 250 of 5/8 8 brait and very, very satisfied. Designed for a wildcat and reccomended by Maxwell. I was not satisfied until I FINALLY finished the 5 tuck eye splice to the chain. Wow, what a bear. I was a rated Boatswain Mate in the USN, I can splice 3 strand almost blindfolded. It took over 3 hours with u tube running to eye splice onto the chain. Many curse words.:

Here is a good resource...

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