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Rode Length

This is a question for those that have done the Alaska inland passage or are planning to.

What would be a good length for an all chain rode for a boat that is going to do this trip?

How many spare anchors should be carried on this trip?

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Well you'll be anchoring in small anchorages 50 or 60' deep at LOW tide. And the tide could rise 23'. What kind of scope will you be wanting at high tide? Looks to me like you'll be thinking of about 300' minimum. I lived there for some time and carried a 430' rode.

Part of the reasoning for that long rode is that I'm single engine and the anchor MAY keep us off the rocky beach when the engine quits.

But if you have all chain a long rode will mean a LOT of extra weight on the bow. I'd be thinking combination w about 25% chain. You'll need to use the rode splice to get it or a "reel" winch that takes shackles and everything.

If I said the more anchors the better my computer would snicker. I'm known for halving many anchors. I'd say two working anchors and a half weight to control swing or take to the beach ect.

This thread should be in the anchoring section and if you really want the answers to your questions there is VOLUMES in the archives.


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Here is a site that has a excel spread sheet you can play with as to your boat size, anchor weight, depth bottom type etc. Tuning an Anchor Rode. Go to sunthesis and then rodeanch.els. The two biggest factors are bottom type, weight of anchor and the length/scope of the rode. We have 200 ft of chain and another 200 ft of line/rope. However according to the calculation we should have at least 300 ft of chain for a 2 to 4 times scope.

We also have 3 different anchors for different bottoms, being old school, Danforth, Forjord, and QCR. So the number and type are both factors to consider. However I do not want to start another anchor discussion.
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