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Still a big fan of nylon for snubbers. Main problem is the heat buildup under stress so I no longer use the chafe hose in bad weather as the rain helps cool the line. Visually inspect and replace as needed.

Chris that's quit a setup on your boat. Not many boats are capable of carrying that much weight in the bow. How are your splices done? Came across this link while doing some research on jack lines. It's amazing what a knot can do and how resilient nylon is compared to dyneema

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Blue Steel braid makes an excellent stern tie rope, 5/8" is good for about 12,000 tensile and it floats, is very UV resistant.

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Been thinking about the polyester rode thing again lately and found some available in the US.

3 strand polyester:

8 strand polyester plait:

A bit more expensive than nylon, but doesn't lose 20% of its strength when wet. Also doesn't lose strength to the same degree as nylon to internal heat when subjected to cyclic loading. (See academic links and quote earlier in thread)

We'd still keep the regular 3 strand nylon with 30' of chain rode and 10kg Bruce for a lunch / benign conditions anchor. The polyester rode and heavier Mantus(?) would be for storms or for 100' deep anchorages...thinking 600' of polyester and 100' of chain would do the trick.

Since polyester doesn't stretch as much, I'm thinking of using a snubber of two 25' lengths of 3 strand nylon (with chafe protection) attached to the rode with a Klemheist knot for storms.

Been a couple years since I first started kicking this can down the road...which means it'll probably be a couple more years before I actually buy the stuff

Have dreams of winter cruising in retirement...

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