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performance of classical (weight) anchors

I have been working through most of the postings about achors and anchor design, did some google and book research and still be left with the following question:
I have a 50 kg (110lbs) classical design anchor (must be d'Hone or sth similar) on my 46ft (waterline) heavy steel trawler.
of course it came with the boat ... and there is a modern 2nd anchor (Fortress) to use with chain+rode als a heck anchor or just in case.
she was build 30 years ago by a tradional fishing yard and was fitted with that anchor like her bigger sisters (fishing trawlers) were. the previous owner never had problems with it, but also not used the anchor very ofthen. for me it works fine, however sometimes you worry about this one storm that might surprise you while not shelterd in a marina ...

I couldn't find any tests or reccomendations about the use and size of this 'old fashioned anchors'. Anyone with real life experience or good ideas about the usefulnes and necessary size?

PS: sorry for typos and language faults, it's not my first language
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Very good for 2nd language Obe .... I'd a never guessed. I've seen those Yacht/Navy/modern anchors. Not sure what ther'e called but Manson makes one just about exactly like yours. I have an old Dreadnought and am quite impressed w the single performance it's given me. I'd trust yours like I'd trust any anchor ... with experience. You'll feel fine about it after you've spent a night or two in a gale. One should stand an anchor watch anyway in such weather so you'll know after awhile. One nice thing about a heavy anchor is that they probably don't break out and loose hold completely so if you ever drag it will probably be a slow drag that will take some time for you to be sure you are really dragging. You should have plenty of time for plan B.

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Obelikx, your anchor is similar to the anchors used on other boats in your part of the world. Your anchor fits its installation.

Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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@ manyboats

tx for attending me to the Mansons website; not many anchor types that the don't build/copy ;-)
what they sy is that this type "has been tested and proven all around the world" - which I find reassuring, however, it is just this 'tests' that I would like to see tpo feel more comfortable
I think you are right, I have to try it not only as a luch hook but also in more severe conditions

@ markpierce

tx for the pic; its reassuring that the professional riverbarges and bigger ships use similar type anchors. I hope that this translate also to the use on our much smaller boats.
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