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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Fortress actually doesn't recommend much chain because of the dynamics of that style anchor setting.

I think they are a special use anchor, and just bought one for what I have in mind.

They send you a nice letter thanking your for purchasing.... refreshing to feel like a welcome customer.
I have one as a spare. It came with my boat. I've used it just once when I had to use two anchors to keep the boat from swinging. It has 30' of chain and was a PITA to set up and deploy because the water was only 4' deep and I couldn't move the boat to get scope. I had to walk the anchors out and set them. Maybe I'll ditch the chain.

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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
snook what kind of bottom is near the bridge?

Sounds like you're a fisherman.
Yes, I've been fishing almost 60 years, started off bass fishing in the Everglades and then I was introduced to saltwater. We mainly fish for redfish, trout, snook and anything that will bite in Tampa Bay and offshore in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The bottom around the Skyway bridge and other bridges is a mixture of sand and turtle grass. That's probably why my old anchor sides even in 10 to 20 feet of water. I have to have the 100 hour check on my engine so it will be at least 2 weeks before I try out the Mantus anchor. I'll let you all know how it works.

Btw, I only have a 20 foot Carolina Skiff, not the big boys that you guys are driving. This forum was the only online answer to how to retrieve an anchor. All the searches produced how to anchor. Thanks to all again for your fast replies.

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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Are any of the bridges down there in security zones like they have made many in the Northeast?

Homeland security issues.....
The only security zones around Tampa that I know of is the Port of Tampa and any power plant.
When I lived in Crystal River, Florida, you couldn't get near the nuclear plant, it had a no fly zone and a no fishing zone.
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I just ordered my third Mantus. My first trip down the ICW in my 32 foot sailboat, I had a Delta and set a second anchor (Fortress) almost every night because of dragging during current reversals. The next year, with the Mantus, the Fortress never came off the foredeck.

The only complaint I have about the Mantus is how hard it can be to break out. However, if you were going to have an issue with an anchor, that would be the one to have. I have dropped it on 1:1.2 scope just to hold myself in place for a few minutes waiting for a lock or bridge and found it set.

On the sailboat, I almost always had to break it out under power. I always do under power now that I'm a powerboater (for obvious reasons).

A great thing about these anchors is that you can buy a humungous one and keep it disassembled in the bilger or locker for the day something like Matthew comes along.
I haven't found any kind of bottom where it doesn't work between Canada and FL.

I don't like their anchor roller but they are going to change the design next production run according to some ideas I gave them.

I have reservations about the security of their anchor swivel but those are easily relieved by putting it together with 5200 and planning to heat it up with a torch if you need to take it off the chain. It's a rugged design but depends too much on the light S.S. seizing wire to keep the cone from coming unscrewed.

I like their chain hook and have ordered another one for the new boat as well. You need to be careful in cold weather as the plastic part that is a belt and suspenders back up to it coming unhooked will break off when brittle. That doesn't compromise the strength and the hook stays on the chain much better than a standard chain hook anyway.
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Mantus Anchors

Thanks Roger for a positive reply on my post for retrieving the Mantus Anchor.
As I said above, I haven't used it yet. I bought a 5/16 shackle but the 8 pound anchor needs a 1/4 one. I should have waited till I received the anchor. This forum has a ton of information and I learned a lot from your post. I will let you all know in a couple of weeks how it works in Tampa Bay, Florida.
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Sand and grass could be challenging for an anchor.
The Mantus could be a good one but if I had my choice I'd be look'in at the Super SARCA. The holding power of many modern anchors should be fine. I'm think'in the extremely good setting of the SARCA and the very sharp turned down tip or toe of the fluke would probably be good on grass. It works really well on Steve's anchor setting video's. There was lots of grass and what Steve calls "salad" in his tests. No problem for the SARCA.

North Western Washington State USA
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I got a 88# Mantus after looking at Manson, Rocna too. I think overall they are more similar than different, but picked a Mantus of the three as based on my research it *might* work a bit better in low scope situations I am often in. Compared to my old 88# Bruce it sets well and has been worry free. I have anchored in 30 knots with gusts close to 40 - no worries. I have found it tough to get out on occasion (a nice problem to have), so I draw up the rode and then drive over it to break it free.
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It's been almost a year... are you still happy Mantus owners?
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Still an awesome anchor!
Waypoint's are abstract, often having no obvious relationship to any distinctive features of the real world.
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Originally Posted by Talonewo View Post
It's been almost a year... are you still happy Mantus owners?
More than ever. In the past year we've covered about 1,500 mikes and anchored dozens of times. Our Mantus has set the first time every time except one. That time took two tries. We've had the wind reverse direction, and didn't drag a bit. It's a great anchor.

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