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Just an FYI, as we finally should get to leave home to spend several consecutive days aboard our Tolly...

Some time ago, Parks sold/sent me a Fortress FX23 – Thanks again Parks!

Due to biz needs and in-family health complications my then planned FX23 anchor tests in very-soft muddy bottom were delayed till now. We often anchor in unusual locations and manners that afford privacy as well as clean freshwater swimming every/all day. Planning to use FX23 as a mud-bottom back anchor with its Mud Palms installed. I currently have four anchors aboard for tests… FX23 will be number five. Hoping and planning for the FX23 to reduce anchor selection needs to just two for general bow and stern needs.

Let you know details when tests produce results… as time aboard boat permits… probably next fall before I make conclusions after several FX23 uses.

Happy Anchor Daze! - Art

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Make sure the anchor is well secured. My bow (claw) anchor was well-tested yesterday in the closely-packed, steep, five-foot waves in eastern Suisun Bay. The Coot plowed/bucked through, producing solid vertical walls/sheets of water when falling into the trough and hitting the next wave. Anchor remained solid.

Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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Those are the results I want Mark. In our marina Sunday I dunked past most of the slips I saw Fortress was 2/1. And the Gulf Coast in our area is where a lot of the Mississippi River silt settles. This equals a muddy bottom.

1983 Present 42 Sundeck
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I anchor in sand mostly, with the occasional mud. I have yet to drag mine. The one time I did drag a Danforth type was on a friend's boat. The anchor was a cheap knockoff, way too small for the boat, and the bottom was rock and dense weeds. Not a good combination.
Just be nice to each other, dammit.
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I've kept my anchors on deck or below. No problem.

But I may change that so I'm listening.

North Western Washington State USA
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If your just bow anchoring and swinging, with a 10/1 scope, you might work with a 37. Personally, i use a 55 on my 46 Chung hwa, looks alot like yours. I can get away with 60 feet chain, in 12 feet water, with the stern anchored as well in about a 30 mph broadside blow so far. Chain was bar tight directly to the anchor. Fortress fx55 was buried about 5 inches below surface, only dragged into the ground about 2 feet. the wind averaged about 18 all day, and sustained 26-30 for about an hour. Pretty packed Sand bottom at Fort Mccray in pensacola. No wave action, just wind. I normally go for about 100 feet of chain, to my FX55 off the bow in 12 to 14 feet of water, then have dual fx 55s off the stern, no chain, just anchors. They sit about 15 feet behind the boat, off each corner. I could get away with one, with chain, up in the weeds, but I dont like making people walk over my anchor line all day as they walk the beach, so go with the shorter option but have to use two anchors. My bow mounted 55 is on a set of rollers, which deploys just fine. Ill throw a pic up here if you want one.

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