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I changed from a 100# Manson plow to a 125# Mantus. After review I concluded that the current generation of Rocna, Mantus, & Manson anchors perform similarly. Would have gone with the less costly Manson but I donít think it would have fit the bow roller.

I picked Mantus because their website has templates, which I printed and made a cardboard mock-up to ensure a fit with our somewhat unusual roller arrangement. They also offered a discount and free shipping so less expensive than a Rocna.
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With a vessel that size, I assume you will be carrying more than one anchor. Heck, I carry three (a 16-lb claw for stern-to-the beach use, a bower 35-lb shovel anchor from SuperMax, and a big disassembled Fortress in the bilge) on this little boat. So what I am getting around to is that unless it is a financial consideration for "trading in" that Rocna, keep it aboard. I have very successfully anchored our family's two Grand Banks 42s (around 80,000 pounds) rafted together with a 72-lb Rocna in soupy bottom in 30 MPH winds.

Rich Gano
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80 pound anchor is a pretty light anchor for a 60,000 boat. Keep it as a second anchor (kedge, lunch, etc.) and get A 120-160 pound Mantus.

What is your chain. A G4/G43 is notia my stronger than a BBB for example. 3/8 inch G43 weighs in at 1.5 pounds per foot. Sounds like your 2,500 Windless is sized for about any reasonable anchor and chain you want to do.
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Previously mentioned, but not dwelled upon, is the risk of hooking into something heavy and cumbersome to deal with as you try to retrieve your fouled anchor. Rather than rigging up and diving down 25 or 35 feet, I would much rather winch it up to the surface and deal up with the extra item(s) from my dinghy and/or boat. This approach adds to the hauling power requirement in size of windlass calculations.
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Originally Posted by Group9 View Post
Yes, because you might find yourself as I did, crossing the Gulf of Mexico, wondering why the boat was handling so bad, and discovering the entire chain and anchor had paid out and was swinging beneath the boat. (Thank God it happened in deep water).

It was pretty rough that night, and I really loved my windless that night as I watched as it just reeled all of the chain and anchor in at the push of a button .
And only yesterday, as I was figuring out a way to absolutely, positively secure my anchor to the bow when not in use, I was wonding "Is this really necessary?". Yep, I guess it is!
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Originally Posted by Kawini View Post
One responder suggested a call to Imtra/Muir. That seemed like a good idea. Just called this a.m. and the customer service was excellent.
IMTRA just rebuilt my Cougar. They were great to deal with on the phone and turned the job around very promptly, highly recommend their service (they are based US East Coast so you don't have to send it to Australia!).
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While the question posed is maximum anchor size for the windlass, Inferring the objective is to ensure adequate ground tackle, does it unduly complicate or help to reference this article?
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Originally Posted by Recb View Post
While the question posed is maximum anchor size for the windlass, Inferring the objective is to ensure adequate ground tackle, does it unduly complicate or help to reference this article?
I'd say it helps to have that kind and quality of information available in the overall ground tackle system decisions that need to be made. Another very thorough article by Nigel Calder.
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That article has some good information.

At the end, Calder concludes that you should up-size your anchor for gale force winds and 2 sizes larger than suggested for your boat.

I'm already on board for the "bigger is better" approach to ground tackle. My main concern was how much is "too much" for the windlass I'm about to acquire with a new to me boat.

My mind is at ease, however. After speaking with the excellent people at Imtra which manufactured my Muir windlass, I now know that I can go for that 125 pound Mantus - two sizes larger than recommended by the Mantus table.

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