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Originally Posted by Panope View Post
I choose to make this "urgent" and "abrupt" anchor deployment style part of my normal routine so that if/when a true emergency happens, the course of action will be second nature. Any equipment or technique that is intolerant of this (I still have all my fingers) will quickly be identified and eliminated.

Do not read the above as an admonishment of other person's more gentle anchoring style. The above is only an explanation of my own.

Sure, good idea to test/practice... and I didn't mean my comment as criticism, either.

So now that you know the FX-16 needs 90' of rode...

Would it be logical to test with the larger Fortress models in the same way, see if you can get down to lower scope, faster stops?


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Chris, That would make for a great test. Along this same line of thinking, someone else wondered if some lead could be added to the tips of the flukes for the purpose of causing the flukes to naturally pivot downward and thus cause the anchor to dive downward rather than "fly" upward.


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