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Finally got my Sarca on the bow

I ordered a new Super Sarca back in February and it arrived the day after I had to leave to work in LA. I was gone for a little over four months. I finally made it back yesterday. I changed it out today. It fits pretty good on the roller. I cannot wait to try it out. I thought about going out this weekend but then decided not to as it being the 4th of July all the crazies will be out and about.

The 66 lb. SL claw was on the boat when we bought it. I usually dive on the anchor when we anchor out and have always been frustrated that this anchor would almost always just lay on its side and set with only one side fluke and part of the center fluke penetrating the seabed. I think the problem is that the shank is too heavy. The flukes are small and the shank is massive. I bet the flukes only represent 40% of the anchor’s total weight. I thought about cutting the shank off just above the flukes and then weighing both and seeing just what percentage the shank weight is, but that would be destroying a “useable” anchor. Still it is hard for me to understand what they were thinking when they made this thing. They were definitely relying more on weight than surface area for holding power.

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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Look how small the fluke area is on the SL Claw compared to the Sarca.

Click image for larger version

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Maybe I am wrong but the shank weight seems so out of proportion to the fluke size and weight.

Click image for larger version

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You're in good flukes now. I think you can do just about anything w that SARCA. This bottom that bottom short scope and maybe even weeds. Sometime things take time.

I've been saying that about the Claw for years and finally you confirm it. You haven't seem any of my posts to that effect eh? I've said I suspected it for at least 5 years. I was think'in somebody would surely have seen it w the clear waters in some places. Nobody did untill now so I was assuming I was wrong.

Something I now think I really was wrong about was that descendants of the Bruce were possibly even better than the original (Bruce) Claw and that may still be the case but after taking a grinder to my Lawrence Claw making the flukes much sharper I now see the the Bruce flukes are much sharper than the other Claws. So the Bruce may in fact be better than the others not only because of better metal but design as well. Another thing I've noticed on the Bruce is that the trailing edge of the flukes and shank are wider. Appearantly thinking the flukes aren't as strong as they're thin (sharp) so making the TE wide (or fat as my wife would say) gives the anchor excellent strength as well.

If you or anybody else has comments re the Claw please post on the thread "Sharp Tooth Claw Anchor" so as to stop this hijack. Or start another thread of you're own.

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