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Remember when buying a used anchor, it probably didn't work for the seller or he wouldn't be selling it.

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Originally Posted by hollywood8118 View Post
I guess I wasn't totally clear....
I am not proposing to get the most expensive anchor...

What I was trying to convey was the fact that the anchor is cheap
(a 55lb delta for my O.A. is $ 525.00 new in galvanized but I will admit I found a used one for $ 175.00) insurance vs damaging the boat.

My buddies Nordhavn has a gorgeous Stainless hook on the bow that at 3 times the cost doesn't do anything more than a galvanized one except look good.

The Fortjford anchor that was on the boat was a 105lb piece of shit.. I have never had a anchor that was so hard to set.. it is currently yard art.

Just get a anchor YOU trust.. I could of spent way more for a Rocna or other but I bought a anchor type I personally know and trust


I agree completely!

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Originally Posted by WesK View Post
Remember when buying a used anchor, it probably didn't work for the seller or he wouldn't be selling it.
Or when he bought the boat it had two and he didn't need two....

Or he wanted a stainless bling anchor.. not a dull galvanized one...

Or the Admiral thought the stainless one on the boat across the aisle looked "pretty"...

Or they wanted a bigger/smaller one...

My "used" Delta still had the Original sticker AND the bar code from West Marine.. I don't know why is was at a used boat crap joint but i do know it was in the back of my truck ten minuets after I spied it .

The guy's comment at the used boat junk place was " I didn't know we had that " and "damn that is a great price"

Looks great and works even better hung off the Ocean Alex.

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Anchors are one of the most stolen items off boats according to several Marine Police depts. I worked with in the USCG.

Go around marinas at night with a rubber boat, dark clothes and a bolt cutter. In an about an hour or so you have several thousand dollars in anchors, they don't have serial numbers, most look brand new, even 100 years old and relatively undamaged they work as good as the market for used anchors is pretty good because you get 99% of the deal for sometimes 75 cents on the dollar and the thief gets a real good markup.

Buy them on Craigs list, e-bay, garage sales, marine flea markets...etc..etc...who knows they are stolen and how do you really prove it?

OK...maybe some or all anchors now are serial numbered (I haven't checked lately but I don't think many are) and some owners may put some kind of markings on theirs (don't know anyone that does)...but used anchors are out there as I have sold quite a few through the years, my boss in the salvage business sells and gives them away like hot cakes.... and tons are sold through the internet.

If I were to purchase one that way...just make sure it looks true and doesn't have any telltale repair marks on it.

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