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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
Disagree; you want something that will stretch, that's the whole point.
Exactly! Using a line with little or no stretch defeats one of the main purposes of using a snubber. Unless of course you add some type of stretchy strain releaving rubber mooring snubber to the lines.

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Originally Posted by Capt.Bill11 View Post
Exactly! Using a line with little or no stretch defeats one of the main purposes of using a snubber.
The soft shackles are only a few inches long. They are used as a means of attaching the nylon snubber to the chain. As you point out, Dyneema is no good as a snubber. It needs to be nylon for the stretch. Evans Starzinger, who I think initially came up with idea of using soft shackles for this purpose, has done some work on creating the ideal snubber. It consists of some Dyneeema used where the line goes over the bow roller. Dyneema has fantastic chafe resistance which is ideal for this role. This is followed by a long length of nylon for the necessary stretch connected to the chain via a soft shackle. You can of course rig the same idea as a bridle if this is applicable for your boat.

The "ideal" snubber is overkill for most applications, but it has a lot of merit for extreme conditions. The main drawback is that adjusting the snubber length is difficult.

While on the subject of extreme conditions the use of two independent snubbers is worth considering. With one left slight loose as a reserve. Chafe is very good at eating away through nylon. If you are using a small diameter snubber, as you should be, there is little strength margin for even small amounts of chafe. A broken snubber particularly if there is loop of chain will cause the boat to come to a very abrupt stop if the boat gathers a bit of momentum and is stopped by the non elastic chain.

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Originally Posted by FF View Post
How do you plan on scrubbing the chain after each use to keep the stench of dead critters in the mud out of the boat???

On a larger boat a 1inch deck power wash and a scrub brush works .
I'm already using 30 ft. of chain now. That 30 ft. is is on the anchor end of the rode, and therefore is the part that is most frequently in contact with the seabed. Mud has not been an issue to date.

I suspect this is a regional issue. I cruise in a relatively fixed radius, and the places I go don't typically have the slime you're concerned about.

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