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Originally Posted by Bay Pelican View Post
This should be designated the first rule of cruising. The second would be: Everything breaks sooner or later.
And don't forget Murphy's Law: "If something can go wrong, then it will."

And the corollary: "If it can't, it will anyway."

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And don't forget Murphy's Law: "If something can go wrong, then it will."

And O'Tool's addition

Murphy was an OPTOMIST!

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I used to paint my chain, but the sand rubs it off too quickly. Now I use large zip ties, red, white and blue. The first 100' of chain uses red zips, one at 25', two at 50', three at 75', and four at 100'. The next hundred feet get the same treatment, but with white zip ties. They seem to last a long time and feed through the windlass with no problems. The paint used to end up on deck, in the chain locker, just everywhere but on the chain.


Cheers, Bill
"There is simply nothing more worth while than messing around in boats."
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We rely on a few systems . The first being the Electronic counter. Second being paint marks, however these tend to wear thin very quickly especially if you need to Anchor a lot, and thirdly attached to the chain are simple black electrical zip ties, these can be one for 10 metres , two for 20 metres , and so on.

I might test the timing method also.

Use what ever floats your boat and you are comfortable.

Cheers Chris D Liberty
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We do the electric tie's also and works great. I found a bag of multi-colored tie's at Home Depot for not much money.

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