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Originally Posted by Rambler View Post
An anchor launcher is in order. Maybe slingshot style, or potato gun style. Or convince them to get a:
Aha! You want a "Flook", "The Flying Anchor"(reg`d TM).
The bundle of original papers with my 1981 IG includes a brochure for this amazing device. Evidently the PO was not persuaded,fitting a CQR instead.
The brochure begins: "Developed in Australia with assistance from the Royal Australian Navy, who made the original prototypes,THE FLOOK is a new type of anchor with incredible "flying" capabilities.( Note;I`ve never seen one on an RAN ship)
The brochure features an underwater photo of the Flook "in glide mode"(no fish shown,they`ve wisely got out of the way), "when launched into the automatically takes off and flies out through the water at a glide angle of 5 to 1 until it lands on the seabed....a quick rearward jerk on the line opens its unique differential pantograph and drives the flukes into the sand or mud". "The pantograph fully opens to an angle of around 32 degrees forcing the swallowtail points into the seabed."
Imagine the anxiety of boats already safely anchored on pedestrian CQRs in a sheltered bay when a boat arrives with the hyperactive "Flook", on the bow, primed for action.
I`m not up to posting the 4 page brochure,I`ll get help if anyone really wants to see it. A quick description though, it resembles a cross between a flying fish and a Danforth, with just a hint of whale harpoon. BruceK

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