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"Unfortunately that would leave water in the bottom of the locker."

Most "chain lockers" is simply an area to dump chain or rope.

I would suggest building a genuine chain locker (Skeens Elements for dimensions) and building up the floor of the current area.

A couple of 1 1/2 thru hulls would allow enough water to drain so you could wash down the chain and interior with no hassles.

No pump., no check valves , and the chain is ready to deploy at all times.

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Chain locker drains I've seen are right in the center of the stem where no bow wake touches. I know GB has this reputation for quality and doing it right, is there any obstructions to putting the drain in the stem ?

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I was worried about water in the locker when I put my windlass in. I anchor at least daily and often several times a day and did not have any accumulation in the locker at any point in the season from the rode or from intrusion down the chain pipe from above deck.

My original plan was to put a drain from the locker into the shower box so that the shower bilge would pump it out, but I now see it as a non issue. Of course I have a mixed rode (mostly nylon) so perhaps the rode acts as a sponge to keep the locker dry.

I would suggest blocking the drains off completely and seeing what the result is. You can get back to formulating a plan if the issue doesn't resolve itself. After doing some research I found the Willard doesn't have an exterior drain just because of that back flow issue.
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I would raise the floor of the locker 4 or 5 inches and put a new drain hole in.
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Could you just install a self draining scupper valve on the outside of the drain holes?

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In general, I don't like hull openings. Backflow, insect nests, et cetera. Would definitely work to eliminate, especially in that location which is not reachable from on deck.

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Why not look at it closely while you speed along in the dink and the Admiral pilots the boat. That way you won't need a GoPro and a selfie stick...
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Current status

I plugged one of the through hull holes and put a scupper type valve on an interior hose I installed in the bottom of the compartment on the other one. Plugging both did not work as there was also a rainwater drain in the bow sprit so after a good rain storm I had 6-8 inches of water in the bottom of the compartment. Tomorrow we travel so we will see how the "fix" is working.
I would rather not have a hole in the hull at all, but putting mud and such into the sump pump is not a desirable solution either. We'll see how this works. Fingers crossed.
Thanks again for all the input.

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