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‘i’m willing to go to jail’ over anchor light

Interesting story....

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..."some gave all, KIA"...
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Interesting. He must have one damn good solar light kit, because mine crap out in short order.

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It would be a whole lot cheaper than a single hour's pay to a lawyer to get one of these and these.

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I once reported a derelict sail boat on the Columbia River with the same kind of garden solar lights on it and the CG told me he was not in the channel and the lights were OK.
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The law is the law , so a legal light IS required outside a special anchorage area..

Overkill IS legal, we use a 5 mile rated Perko Commercial fixture , although only 50 ft LOA , and only 2 mile is required.

The offshore cruisers in many areas find fishing fleets departing in the AM dark to be a problem, with or without a "legal" anchor light.

The solution is a dozen path walk lights tied around the boat.

These will last the night if the cheap installed battery is exchanged for a better quality quality , Radio Shack, or cheaper on line sourced.

Hard to pay $3.00 for a better batt on a light that only cost a buck, but cheaper than being run down!
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+1 on lighting the decks while at anchor. Too many stories about folks at anchor being hit by the early morning fisherman or the late-night drinker.

I switched my deck courtesy lights over to LED fixtures so I can leave them on all night without worrying about the draw on the house bank. I also bought some of those $1 Wal-Mart accent lights and mounted two on my sundeck rail. They stay on all night so far, and I've had them since early March. If they last the season they're well worth the $2.

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