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Sat phones

Guys and Gals,
If you have been thinking that a sat phone should be in your kit or on your boat then get in quick.
It looks like the Australian Gov. subsidy is going to finish in a short time.
You don't need a great excuse to get one but sure does reduce the cost of initial purchase.
I am on my second one and don't regret it. Good for calls when you are far off the coast or in remote areas.

Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme is being Clobbered for Good!!!
Last date for submissions is 5PM Monday 31st March 2014
This means even if you already have your subsidised phones Please tell:
  • Your friends and anyone you know who should be informed.
  • Friends on rural properties who can get 85 % subsidy
We have dozens of stories of our customers who have actually really needed their ISatphone to
help themselves, family and other road users.--Many were life threatening.

We are saddened that it has come to this.
Our Canberra friends in the Satphone department tell us that after 10 years of our subsidy being in place there will be no job offers as all departments are shedding staff.

First step is to download forms, fill them in an send to us (no certification necessary) click here
We will help you do the rest.
Satphones now really are an essential tool for those of us who are in Rural areas or just travel through
  • All Campersat arranged ISatPhones connected in Australia will stay connected even if your prepaid has expired
  • This connection will now allow 000 and 112 emergency calls to be initiated irrespective of prepaid credit.
If you are travelling, or even if you live in our wide open spaces, please relax and take the time to read on.
For those of your friends who do not have a satphone suggest they read on:
We are dealing with security, peace of mind and all things in between that can make your travelling more secure, more enjoyable and guard against the unforseen.
As we have dealt before, the Federal Government currently subsidises your purchase of a satphone to the tune of 50% of the capital cost - 85% if you live or work where mobile phones don't cut the mustard.
For those of you who wish to get some of your tax money back you must finally do it now-- Even of your travel plans are a little way off. We have been strongly advised that 5PM 31 May 2014 cut of is Cut off!!!.
OK the deal is our bundled package with case and sim card and connection of your sim card fully satisfies the Subsidy Scheme.
For those of you, or your friends who haven't organised your phone yet, your buying buttons are really here:
  • New Inmarsat fixed network guarantees always there. - works anywhere in the world.
  • $1000 phone - not 2 or 3 grand..(yes that is before subsidy.)With federal Government subsidy you are most probably eligible for 50 % just as a traveller, or a massive 85% if your mobile coverage at home or work doesn't cut the mustard.
  • Prepaid around $1.45 per minute to anywhere - local or overseas. 15 second increments - no flagfall - no monthly fees
    For example 100 units of prepaid lasts 6 Months... Not just one month. -- Yes you can leave it in the glove box.
    Bonus - Call another Inmarsat Satphone at the same low rate.
    Great for groups travelling and great for families on properties.
  • Handy 12 V charger and 240V charger
  • 100 hours standby - 8 hours talk time on one charge
  • For those who still want to get away you can still txt or email your family (for 72c) - with your GPS at the touch of a button.
  • operates just like a mobile with the added bonus that it works anywhere in the world for the same operating cost. Remember you can have your phone connected for subsidy and buy airtime later when needed.
  • No money now- we just need to get your subsidy lodged and processed.
...Again... NO money now - No obligation to proceed even after your application is approved.
We need you tofill in the forms PRONTO,
send them scanned or fax, or even snail mail to us.- we will check and process--

If this is for you, or you even think it maybe for you do it now.
- Same for Family Friends and Neighbours.
Each person is entitled to one phone.

That is all we ask!
For questions please email Phones are busy so email is best.
We look forward to you and your friends a safer journey.
Have a Great Day

Your Videosat/Campersat Team. Angie, Brenda, Kara, Melanie and Wally

Just thought you guys should know this as the subsidsy is wel worth while.
You just have to tell them you are cruising in the top end of Australia or the kimberleys and require the phone for contact with family or business.

I have mine on a $35.00 /month plan and it is wel, worth it.

"When I die I hope my wife doesn't sell my toys for what I told her I paid for them"
Money: It's made round to go round , not flat to stack.
"Get out and do it"
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