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Queensland moorings ??????????

hi Guys,

Used 1982 CUDDLES 30 CRUISER Boat For Sale -

Pretty keen to take the plunge and buy this Cuddles

going up to Brissy to check her out and maybe make a silly offer.
So where do I park her ???
My idea as im from Perth is just fly to Qld with the 'war office' and go cruising for 3 months at a time then go back to W.A.
As airfares are so cheap I recon we will just pick a few months and live it on the 'pick' as to speak in Qld waters, then park this boat somewhere. Now a question --- can an out of state get a swing mooring ??? or do I need to be a fulltime Qld resisdent?
I have a mate in Bundaberg was thinking that could be a good spot half
Any ideas as other locations ? commercial moorings are so difficult and expensive from what I have seen. thx Brett

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You need to hook up with Hendo78 on this forum. He's local to you and has a mooring that could possibly be available until his boat splashes. If not he may have an idea where to send you.

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Insurance companies may not be willing to cover you if you are on a swing mooring. Also, leaving a boat on a swing mooring and flying 4000 km away means that you wont be visiting it regularly. It might be ok, or your boat might sink in your absence. eg battery goes flat so bilge pump doesn't work, and rain fills boat with water.

If you are going to be on the other side of the country for most of the year best to have the boat somewhere where you can have someone keep an eye on it for you. There was an online auction recently where berths were sold dirt cheap. Three at Horizon Shores, ranging from 13m to 16m, went for $21-23.5k. Other options could be a private deal with someone who has a canal front home.
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Bundy may be a good spot and it has moorings in the river.
BUT, it is a cyclone area and the river floods. Plenty of boats have been lost there in the last few years as well as a marina and boat yard.
One would be best in a marina and if away for the cyclone season (Nov to April) then any marina from Mackay south. Mackay is a bit dodgey ( cyclone wise) but being a very good marina and as long as you have someone to look out for the boat a good option.
Swing moorings in Queensland are not easy to come by and usually on a yearly lease basis.
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mmmmmmmmmmm, thx guys,
So many different things to take into account when becoming a moored boat owner, unlike the tinnie - just chuck it on the trailer and leave it.
I reckon we will visit Qld twice a year for cruising for about 3 months each time (3 months x twice a year), so leaving the boat perhaps for 3 months at a time unattended.
So now I have a few options - pay a casual monthly rate at a marina or perhaps a short term lease at a private mooring might be available.
I have read Tidahapah's thread regarding fibreglass vs wood boats and how I could gget more bang for buck buying an older wooden boat.
I have come to realise I need a minimum of 30' boat for the war office and I to live on. The cost factor has now emerged as I really had hoped that finding something under $50k might have been possible. I am more that happy to cruise at trawler speeds as my days of rushing about are over.
Regards Brett
Footnote. was great reading and following Tidahapah's trip south - except the crossing the widebay bar ---- I was parked in my caravan this April in the National Park just south of the bar watching fishing trawlers come through - big swell and quite freaky if unaccoustomed i'm sure.
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Hey Brett,
I don't know the marina prices in Queensland, but it might be worth storing her on the hard if you will be away for 3 months at a time. Its cheaper than a marina berth, and the savings may cover the cost of lifting the boat. A FG boat would then be pretty much worry-free.
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Bogranjac1, I not only own a berth at Horizon Shores marina, but also have owned a Cuddles 35. I can vouch for them as basically good boats, the 30 being a scaled down version of the 35, or probably vice versa, but as usual, condition and care come into play. They have berths for rental at the marina, and as Brian pointed out, 10m berths have come back down a lot, (damn it, I paid $38k in 2004, they went up to over a 100k, but now back down to low 30s thanks to the GFC), so buying or renting would be much better than having it out unprotected on a swing mooring, assuming you could insure it even, as mentioned.

On a berth, 24/7 security could keep an eye on it, as would I if you went for this marina. I even suspect the vessel you are looking at might be on our marina, as there are one or two for sale there. Just a hunch. Correction, just looked up your link...looks like in the city loop of the river in the pics, but of course may not be there now. Looks in quite nice nick. Always a surprise how space efficient those cuddles are. Our 35 could literally sleep ten. Two doubles, one with ensuite, (& a second full bathroom/head), four in tiered bunks for'd, and two on the dinette converted...never needed. How many 35 footers could boast that, and the 30 comes close to that as well.
Anyway, see what pans out, but I am happy to answer more specific queries as they arise...I doubt you'd get a cheaper berth at any other marina, but Manly might be worth googling as well. Rivergate would be expensive I think, but do a search - there are plenty around.
Here is the Horizon Shores marina link...

Horizon Marina
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Welcome aboard Brett. A commercially owned swing mooring at a Marina might be your best solution for extra security. Most NSW marinas have them, don`t know about Qld.
A mate used to refer to the "Minister for War" rather than "War Office". Divorced now. Cuddles30/Resort35 have a good reputation, especially with the easily driven FD hull. That one seems unusually well maintained, and adequately powered.
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Queensland moorings ??????????

Bring her home. Plenty of moorings in Perth. I have a 12mtr swing mooring at bullcreek and know many more available there and down at Mangles Bay but they're all SOR and you're NOR but still, they're closer than QLD lol

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Storage Options

Originally Posted by AusCan View Post
Hey Brett,
I don't know the marina prices in Queensland, but it might be worth storing her on the hard if you will be away for 3 months at a time. Its cheaper than a marina berth, and the savings may cover the cost of lifting the boat. A FG boat would then be pretty much worry-free.
We have had Marina's and hardstand storage in Queensland

Hardstand in Bundaberg (Bundaberg Port Marina) is $0.32+gst per foot/per day and its a good safe locked up spot. We are currently refitting in this marina and they are really decent with plenty of services available.

Also Check out East Coast Marina in Brisbane if you want cheap in water storage, we had our boat there and they allow you to live abour without any dramas, plus good facilities.

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