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Originally Posted by Delfin View Post
The basic problem with their products is that it is easier to buy an inverter maker than to integrate the engineering teams that come with the acquisition. Xantrex lost most of the real talent in these companies and didn't have the managerial talent to keep the good engineers, or direct those that stayed. The result was a hodge podge of failed efficiencies, off shoring of manufacturing without appropriate supervision and lousy products. They had market share because they bought it, but once they owned it, they couldn't keep it with good products. Or so said one of their former top executives I know who left the company during their ill advised acquisition spree.
Sounds right to me. I don't have the inside scoop on Xantrex, but what you describe is a frequently occurring outcome with tech acquisitions.

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Originally Posted by bobofthenorth View Post
I could be wrong but I don't think there is such a thing as a Xantrex designed Freedom 25. My understanding is they just rebranded the Heart inverters when they bought Heart but that product is the Heart design not a Xantrex design.
Probably right. Here's the manual. Sure looks like a Heart to me, and it is really super heavy. Twistedtree's explanation is likely why the unit ended up "badge engineered" by Xantrex.
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When I bought JAT....there was a Heart Inverter Charger..... It never seemed to do the job....didn't keep the batteries charged...and it was a pain to use....easier to fire the gennie. Pulled it out and sold it.

I installed a Xantrex battery style...didn't last as well as the old style.... Replaced it with a Mastervolt.....and if I ever go back to a combination unit this is what I will buy!

Mass Combi 12/4000-200 (120 V) | Mastervolt Marine

This is the charger I put Mastervolt.....and it does the job very well and I am quite pleased with it!

PowerCharger 12/40-3 | Mastervolt Marine

And when I put in an inverter...if not a combo's what it will be:

Mass Sine 12/2000 (120V) | Mastervolt Marine
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Xantrex charger #3 now replaced with a mastervolt chargemaster 12/50-3. Looks like Xantrex refunded entire cost of the original charger so all I had to pay was the difference between the cost of the two chargers.

Hopefully mastervolt works better for me than Xantrex.
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I would greatly appreciate some guidence regarding our inverter/charger a 2000 prosine inverter by Xantex. Either at dock or underway with the battery bank fully charged, ( new batteries) the inverter will stop inverting and automatically turn off. It will cycle maybe 50 - 60 times and then turn back on inverting for no specific reason. I have been on the phone and email multiple time with Xantex but have never been truly helped! I recently replaced all the batteries and this issues continue. The random turning off of the inverter occurs either with a high load, very low load, no load or normal use range. It occurs underway, when the generator is on or off, when the alternator is on or off, when the charger is on or off. A random event with no pattern. I have had multiple professionals tell me that due to where Xantex is made and poor quality controls in place I should remove the system and go to another brand. My hesitation is that this same issue has been randomly occurring for 1000 engine hours. I would like to understand the problem before I expense the time and monies. Possibly "user error"???? Need help to generate a differential diagnosis..... Please help!!!!!

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Can't help. I dumped my Prosine 2000 after six years for a random charging problem. It it would cease charging for no reason and go into a float mode every second or third time I turned the charger on. Xantrex said since it was out of warranty it was non repairable.

That aside, if you end up replacing it, you may want to keep the Xantrex unit as a second charger and learn how to charge your battery banks with two chargers when your generator is operating.

Good luck.

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Originally Posted by Bay Pelican View Post
Can't help. I dumped my Prosine 2000 after six years for a random charging problem. Good luck.

I got rid of my 3000 for similar reasons to Marty. Replaced with Magnum 2800. My cruising grounds require a very reliable inverter/charger, which is not Xantrex. You are very patient, sounds like it is time for a change.

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