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Wood Freeman Auto Pilot

I have an old WF auto pilot model 15 that pulls to the right when I engage the clutch. I tried several times disengaging then engaging but still acts the same. All help and comments are much appreciated!

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My first boat ('82-'86) had a WF pilot, my memory is somewhat hazy on this. IIRC, there are solenoids that engage the port and stbd course changes. I had the AP sometimes go hard over to one side, and the problem was a faulty solenoid. | recall having to take a nail file sanding board and cleaning the contacts in the solenoid to keep it from sticking closed. Like I said, been over 30 yrs since I had one of those but that is what I remember.

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Do yourself a favor and upgrade to a modern unit instead of sinking your dollars into outdated electronics.
I have had great experiences with all the major brand units, currently using a Simrad, and it is flawless, simple to use, and is easily integrated with the rest of the onboard electronics.
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Your WF autopilot is a wonderful unit. It and my previous boat crossed many oceans together. Like NightSky mentioned, the contacts on the relays would need occasional cleaning and sanding. My unit was put out of commission one stormy night when the oil pressure gauge started dripping some oil which miraculously fell directly onto the relay. Some advice - build a small cover over them!
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If you travel to independiant locations and do your own repairs , every dollar spent on the WF will be repaid handsomely.

If you are within UPS areas a modern non fixable transistorized unit can be fun, while it works.
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Michael Freeman from the original "wood freeman" is a great guy and is happy to help people out.
He's retired now but has helped me with my issues in the past.
Drop him a line and he'll help you.
Michael Freeman 253-606-0043 cell

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