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RE: What size television

On Sunday we moved the TV out to the saloon (there is a hook up*into the HD antenna there and in the aft cabin) and we spent the rainy day watching football and getting boat projects done.* Life is good.

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RE: What size television

Like Marin, we don't watch TV on the boat simply because we don't have one, and as a result found it a great opportunity to get some reading done. Being very much a TV addict, I do get the shakes knowing it's not available. I have another addiction that helps with the TV separation, called "Laptop", which provides internet at some locations, and an occasional DVD movie. If I were any more into sports than I am, I think a 42" flat screen would be a necessity.

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RE: What size television

Peter B wrote:

I often think being able to watch the cricket test or some other sporting event, while holding the helm because I don't have an A/P would be good.
That might work in your waters, but up here right about the time you got concentrating on what the bowler was doing you'd slam your boat into a deadhead and the whole works would be on the bottom.* Getting distracted at the helm, autopilot or no autopilot, is a sure way to do some major damage given all the stuff in the water up here.

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RE: What size television

SeaHorse II wrote:Peter B wrote:
I must admit, when out on a long 2 hr plus leg, I often think being able to watch the cricket test .........
Man, aint that the truth! Not being able to watch the "cricket test"? That* would be
a real bummer for me! (Just kidding!)

Now Walt, don't be cheeky.* But yes, cricket is a slowish, tactical game, a bit like gridiron in fact.* The action only happens in short bursts, so quite easy to drive a boat and watch at same time, and quite safely too, Marin.* The speed my boat covers ground, and the speed of a good cricket test would ba a perfect match, I'd say.
By the way, all cracks aside, I have to admit I still don't understand gridiron, and even watchng the lingerie version the other night on Fox, I had to give up in the what does that say......... ok, here come the cracks......


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