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Originally Posted by robs523 View Post
I pulled the battery from my skiff, which read 12.4 volts. Swapped out with genset battery and it started right up. However, while it was running it only showed 12.3 volts. Apparently my genset is not charging. I also don't see an alternator on it, or at least not what I'd expect an alternator to look like. I see a starter, a fuel pump, and a solenoid. For the immediate future I guess I'll bring some jumper cables on board until I can delve in further
What brand/model genset is this?

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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
What are you going to do at other marinas when you cruise?
Big issue in AK the last few years as federal funding for new docks required new (interestingly not safer according to some contractors I talked to) electrical codes for grounding. This new dock electrical design has required hundreds of commercial vessels and most cruisers to modify and in some cases go through upgrades via isolation transformers as older GIs don't always seem to do the job.

Have you priced out an isolation transformer lately and located a space for one? Then to be sure this BC or WA installed unit works and is indeed compliant with AK docks/code? Crap shoot with some non local cruisers having to get a local AK electrician to redo grounding.

Or as I found my vessel was new dock compliant in Juneau but not Ketchikan. Ditto some new builds with isolation transformers. Ahh, the joys of spending boat bucks.

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Some years back, the yard I haul out at installed new electrical services with new GFI outlets at each standpost. About half the boats couldn't connect to their electrical service. I don't know what they did, but it was no bueno. Ended up running electrical extension cords to keep the freezers hard.

When I hauled out last year, they still had GFI protected electrical, but whatever the problem was had been resolved.

Larry B
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