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We all love and trust in Fleming Yachts as being the top of the range, high quality and very professional, right......

Well, here is an article from the owner of Fleming vs Ultrasonic anti foul systems


I trust that this article will silence some of the cruisers who has questions about this kind of anti foul system...........but then again... there are a lot more smart people out there that knows a lot better than Fleming.

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Just because a manufacturer, no matter who they are, offers an "option" for there boats, isn't a positive reinforcement that the product works. It means the builder has something else to offer that you pay for. They claim "testing" but no indication of what the testing was. On any boat, especially a power vessel, if the boat is constantly on the move the bottom stays relatively clean. I have seen the ultrasonic units in REAL LIFE use since they were first introduced to the market several years ago and they do absolutely nothing to prevent fouling and depending on these units as a sole source of antifouling will actually make the situation worse since nothing is protecting the bottom. Adding them to a boat with antifouling paint and not getting any fouling just means the paint is working. I suspect the Fleming still comes with bottom paint. I might add that I have been in the marine service industry for 40 years. Chuck

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Ultrasonic Anti-fouling

I just noticed we appear to have 2 threads on this subject. The above link will take you to the one that is open for discussion. Sorry for any inconvenience folks.


It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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