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Transducer Install

One of the many projects I have planned for our time in the yard this year is to finally install a proper depth transducer. I have had a hit-or-miss operational time with various shoot-thru-the-hull types and really want to get a proper measuring device. I mean really, is there much more of an important piece of gear in the AICW?

Anyway, I plan to have the yard, for insurance, liability, and my own self doubt reasons, install it. However, while I have not yet inquired about the exact method of install (moreover, I haven't really even picked the yard yet), I have a suspicion that they will quickly reach for the 3M 5200.

Should I allow 5200 be used? What other options should I suggest or even insist upon? Sikaflex?


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First, if you're paying a pro to do a job, don't tell him/her how to do it. You are paying them because they already know how. If you don't like how they plan on doing the job, find another pro. If you tell them how to do it or what materials to use, you've pretty much relieved them of responsibility if something goes wrong.

Second, I don't know if you've tried an AIRMAR P79 transducer or if they have one to work with your electronics, but I've had three in three different boats and they have all worked just fine. No holes in the boat and no hauling to install. The key is placement and not having a cored hull.

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When I installed a Humminbird inside xducer on my previous boat , I used the epoxy kit that Humminbird sold for that purpose. It was cheap at the time, and since I was ordering anyway, I figured I'd use what they recommended. It worked fine, I saw no difference in the accuracy compared the the thru hull type that I was replacing.
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We took a lightning strike on the sailboat when we were in the Chesapeake a number of years ago, and the boat went in to Zimmerman's Boat Yard in Virginia for repairs. All of the thru-hulls had to be replaced (the metal was screwed up by the lightning strike as the insurance guy explained it to me, and was very brittle). I watched some of the work they did, and they spent a LOT of time preparing the holes for the new thru-hulls, cleaning out the old stuff, putting new epoxy in, etc., etc. Point being that it is truly a job for professionals (IMO).
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