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Originally Posted by Aquabelle View Post
We're assuming here you have a decent inverter already. Only reason to have a genset would then be to run air-conditioning
We have a new True Power 2000W inverter... and having the A/C is the ONLY reason we want the genset back.

If you guys would go look, I have an entire thread about the DC upgrade I did over the winter. My setup is now nearly the exact setup that Bshanafelt diagrammed above. With only a couple of minor differences (200A alternator and regulator being the most notable... and I used 3 switches instead of a 1,2,O,B) So we are covered on most of the primary system needs.

Here is a link to the last page of the thread: Winter Project I: Charging System Upgrade

If, after we get further into the season, we discover that we really don't need a genset (yea... I'll let you know in August and the First Mate is saying A/C is a necessity and not a luxury) then we will then decide what route to take. One of the summer goals was to get more proficient at staying at anchor. That includes understanding our power needs and how to address them. They big step is done. Putting the rig together. The alternator is the next step in the process. Thus, the 'Teach Me About Alternators' title.

I think that at this point, I need to find out what frame size and bolt pattern I need. Then I can get more focused on the actual options to choose from.


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I bought a rebuilt large frame 105amp alt off ebay for $40 worked great and did not get hot It actually put out 110ampa when needed

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The alternator is only 1/3 the DC equation,

The proper for deep cycle charging V regulator is another 1/3.

The last (should be first) part is a SOC monitoring system , so you can cycle the battset with out doing damage.

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bshanafelt.....Thanks for the diagram, it's big help......Noel S

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