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I have zero shading on my aft roof, where the panels are mounted. However, they are horizontally oriented, so I'd expected to lose 25-30% efficiency. The reality is looking like 33%, with peak performance logged at 41amps. The really cool thing is that, once I'd stopped checking the numbers every five minutes, the thing just quietly works away in the background. I'm sure I'll just start taking it for granted shortly :-). Oh, and it does work when it's overcast...20amps is pretty well the minimum I've seen.

Of course, as the bank SOC gets above 85% or so, the controller steps back, and I don't see any amps....

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Looking at your numbers again, it looks like we are getting exactly the same performance once you account for my 24V system. I max out around 20-21A, or at least that's the most I've seen and it was with a good load on the batteries so the charger wasn't throttling at all. And the other equipment is the same - 750W of panels with outback charge controller.

I too have no regrets having installed the system, and only wish I had space for more panels.

Oh, and Insequent's comment about shading is very true, and a good reminder for me. My radar scanner stops at any random location and is as likely to be shading the panels as not. I should get in the habit of climbing up there and swinging it out of the way. What I'd really like to figure out is some way to align/position it without having to climb up on the hard top. It's not my favorite place to go. But I haven't come up with an idea yet.

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