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Originally Posted by Kimbal8892 View Post
Has anyone ever heard of a problem with running a diesel gen in a gas powered boat.i was at a boat show and asked a generator sales person who said the coastguard would not allow this. Aside from placing proper fuel in separate tanks I can't think of a problem.
I've read where that is popular setup in the Great Lakes area.

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Originally Posted by JDCAVE View Post
We use it twice a day when for an hour when on anchor to keep our house bank happy. ..... We shut it down when the Magnum 2812 I/C drops into Absorb Charge and < 60 amps.

We watch the loads in the Magnum Monitor, I try not to let the AC amps go much below110 volts, and that happens if the loads get too high. The genny provides approximately 20-25 amps A/C at best.

Not sure I understand. If you're running it to charge batteries, they're not yet charged when the charger "drops into Absorb Charge."

AC amps below volts?

If it's a 4.1K genset, I'd have thought you'd have closer to 34 amps available at max output (discounting allowances for efficiencies, etc.).


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A gas boat uses items like starter and alt that have some sort of ignition protection , to not light off gasoline fumes.

Perhaps the worry is no such protection is built in to diesel equipment?
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Originally Posted by FF View Post
"The genny provides approximately 20-25 amps A/C at best."

If its rated at 4.1 KW , you got screwed.

120V x 20A =2400W (2,4KW )

120v x 25A =3000W ( 3kw)

There is at least 25% missing output.

The theoretical output is 34 amps, for sure, but gennys are seldom 100% efficient and there are losses I'm sure. I've not been screwed as it was new, came with the boat when we bought it and it suits our purposes. Given the high cost of buying and installing a new one, that ain't going to happen. Listening to "Thumper" as I type.

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