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Side Thruster joystick

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a delay in my Side Power bow thruster reaction when I put it to port. Hmmm... I did what I normally do - ignore it, it will go away. Just like everything else I have used this theory on, it didn't. This past weekend it was worse. Had to jog the joystick back and forth a bit, push it hard to port, wait a second or two and then thruster would go full speed. Starboard seems ok although MAYBE a little slow as well. I read this as an electrical connection issue in the joystick. Getting old and worn out. Any reason I shouldn't think this? I'm pretty sure a new control will fix it so have ordered a new one but just thought I'd ask.

Grand Banks 42 Classic
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It sounds like the joystick but to make sure you can swap the blue and gray wires and the problem shoule move to the other side. The control wires are 4 wires. Red and black are +12 volts and ground. The blue and gray actuate left and right thrust. By switching them the problem if it is the joystick should move to the other side. If the problem does not move sides then the problem is in the thruster or soleniod.

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On the thruster itself there are two high-current relays and a smaller control relay. Considering the location of the thruster in or near the bilges it is more likely one of these has become corroded. The smaller relay is plug in and easy to change. The larger relays may require removal of the power head, but its not too difficult.

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