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I find the design, engineering, efficiency and up-scale interiors of modern, mass-produced refrigerators superior to the RV/marine DC units ( which seem to be locked in a time-warp in the '70s). Ditto stand alone ice makers.

Perhaps but its easy to be suckered by the Gov figureas as they do not include the various resistance heaters installed in modern house reefers to defrost the insulation frequently , and even defrost the door seal.They do have nice plastic insides tho.

The modern style Danfloss variable speed units learn to optimize their run time and operating speed.
They also as turn on when higher voltage is noticed .
It senses the alt charging and steals energy when its not missed.

No house box has features that work this way.
Most simply install the smallest low bid compressor they can find and let it operate almost full time.

This does save juice , compared to a big unit cycling , but is 5 decades behind modern Marine Fridges in saving energy.

Weather conserving energy is important is a personal choice , and of little bother to the 24/7/365 noisemaker set, or the dockside ,( aground in their coffee grounds ) cruisers..

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