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Rope lights - need something other than zip ties.

I have 150ft of rope lights zipped tied to my SS bars holding up my flybridge enclosure. This works great and satisfies the admirals desires to have a very straight lined install on the rope lights. The problem is I have 200 zip ties with sharp ends that scratch my windows and worse me. Anybody have suggestions. Specifically that will not look bad (such as Velcro straps) and will function the same (keeping the rope lights tight.)

Thanks in advance
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You may want to try Magic Thread. It is like shrink wrap but in a thread. No knots required. Just wrap it around a few times and it sticks to itself. I use it to tie rowe bags for fishing. Great stuff. Just a thought.

"Magic" Thread : Cabela's

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Originally Posted by nautibeaver View Post
Anybody have suggestions. Specifically that will not look bad (such as Velcro straps) and will function the same (keeping the rope lights tight.)
I did some rope light work in my house, and I discovered this stuff:

Wide Loyal | F83/M83 | 3ft Clear Plastic Channel Rope Light Holder

It's a track that he rope snaps into. Only needs fastening about every two feet or so, and keeps the rope PERFECTLY straight.

I got mine at Home Depot.

Scott Welch
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I had rope lights strung around a slip, I left them on if I was going to return after dark and the spiders loved me for it. Decided I didn't need the spiders so got rid of the lights.
Ron on Northern Lights II
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Just take a soldering iron, hot knife, match, lighter, etc...etc... to the zip tie sharp end if they are OK for all other ball up the end from heat and they are not sharp...will not pull out as easily either.
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I like psneeld's idea above, KISS at it's finest.

That or what's the matter with discreetly applied electricians tape? It comes in the entire rainbow of colors so is easy to hide and doesn't scratch either.
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There is actually a zip tie installer tool that snips the end where it ends up inside the locking mechanism, so no sharp edges. When we use them for the boat parades, we always rotate the tail to the outside of the rail, so the ends aren't likely to be snagged by the crew.

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