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Reverse Power Light on with Honda EU2000i

Regarding the use of a Honda EU2000i plugged in to the shore power connection on a 1999 Mainship Pilot 30. The Reverse Polarity indicator light on the 120v AC panel comes on, when the Honda is running.

Assuming the following; No on board fixed generator, main engine is off, the shore power outlet is correct as it works fine with all shore power, and the new 3 prong extension cable is in good working order with correct polarity.

The question is, is the light coming on because the Honda EU2000i has a floating neutral?? The Honda manual says that regular socket plug-in testers ( 2 green 1 red LED) will not read correct because of the floating ground. My voltage test meter only has 125v hot to neutral, but 0v hot to ground. So is the Rev. polarity light in the boats AC panel picking up that the neutral is not tied to the ground.?

What needs to be done to safely use the Honda portable thru the Shore Power connection and not have the reverse polarity light come on?

Thanks for any advice on this topic.

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On marine generators, and on shore power, neutral and ground are connected at the power source. In marine gens, that is done inside the gen box.

Sounds strange that the Honda has a floating neutral. Are you sure about that? Are you sure your wiring is correct? Could hot and neutral be swapped in your wiring?

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This is a common "problem" with the Honda generators. I don't know why they didn't tie the ground to the neutral at the generator, but it should be pretty easy to open up the outlet and jumper the two.

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Vessel Name: Molly
Vessel Model: Mainship Pilot 30 1999
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Thanks David and SKI,
I tested the Honda Gen, again using new cable and still get the rev. polarity. The Honda manual says the neutral and ground are not tied, so the simple plug in tester, shows 1 light which means an open ground. I did power up the AC panel with the Honda, and the battery charger, 1500w Hot Water heater, outlets, and the Microwave all worked fine, .. the plug in tester showed no problems at the outlets.
I tried grounding the generator frame to the boat bonding system, and bonding the third prong of the outlet to the generator, but did not change the Rev. polarity light.
The rev. polarity light goes out when running the HW heater ? strange that when that device is powered up the rev. light goes out.
Well the only other thing to do is tie the neutral and ground inside the generator, but I think I will ask Honda about that first.
Again thank you for your replies, I guess the Honda Gen. just sets off the rev. polarity light due to the floating relationship between the neutral and ground.
Best regards,
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i realise this is an old thread but does anyone know how it was resolved ??
its the only thread i could find addressing the matter....thought there would have been more as believe there are many of these generators in use??
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