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I went through documentation and posts about ProIsoCharge and I found it very interesting.
In manual it is specified that it can take any input like alternator or charger and dispatch the charge to the 2 two battery banks.
If I understand the manual correctly it means that it can take as input a standard charger and make it a "smart" charger that will manage the charge on the two banks.
In my boat I have 1 alternator, 1 charger, 1 house bank (2 batteries in parallel) and 1 starter battery.
Is it possible to install it in a way it would accept charge from either alternator, or charger and dispatch the charge to both batteries? I guess yes as selection between one or the other source can be done via a switch but is there any other way?
Also it is mentioned that the device is controlled (switched on) by ignition key, would it be possible to control it by a simple switch instead. Again I guess yes but not sure.

Thank you for any input on it.


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Well, unless your alternator has an external, three step regulator, there is no value to the devices smart charge feature, ie 1 dumb in = 2 dumb out. If you do have an external three step regulator, then you don't need that extra capability.

So I don't see much benefit over a simple battery combiner ($65 from or a more sophisticated automatic charging relay ($83 Blue Seas ACR from Defender).

And why would you want a separate switch to turn it on. The combiners and ACRs are automatic.


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Well for what I see this device benefit is that it is not combining batteries but allow different charge rates on the two banks so allow different battery type in the two banks (start & house) which is what I have. But my understanding may be wrong.
For the switch yes I found it odd too but I am pretty sure there is an explanation
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I agree with David. I have a similar setup except that I have two alternators, one smart (120A) and one dumb (~50A). The dumb alt is cabled directly to the start battery. The smart alternator and the 55A smart shore charger are cabled directly to the 6 GC House bank. I use a Yandina combiner (switched at the helm to OFF or AUTO) to share the house charge with the start battery if needed. If both alternators are working, no charge sharing is needed and the switch remains OFF. On the generator/shore charger, I share the charge if the start batt voltage is below 12.5.

Charges are shared only when needed and loads are separated. If one bank's load needs help from the other bank (i.e. dead start battery), I have battery switches located outside of the ER near the lower helm to tie the banks together. I've seldom had to move these switches in 10 years. It's a simple system that is foolproof and works as advertised.
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I have the 2 input/4 output Isolator. There has been some issues with this product which you can look for the thread. Since last summer, the company redesigned the unit and as of today I have had no issues. We will see what happens this summer under extreme use. I like the priority programing in it. That being said, If I had to do it all over again, I think I would go with ACRs.
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The different charge needs at different times would seem to call for seperate systems.

A big alt with 3 -4 stage regulator will give the shortest charge time.

The hassle with many chargers id battery failure,one starts to die and all get overcharged.

At my dock this is a common hassle that is expensive to fix.

There are chargers , usually used by the outboard fish killers that have 4 individual 12v outputs

2 for isolated OB start batts and 2 for 2 12v batts wired in series for the 12v fish motor.

On a cruiser where frequently 4 batts are combined for a house bank, using all 4 outputs will save the remaining 3 batts if one dies.

With 2 -6v batts you will only kill one set , rather than the entire bank.

At a 40A rating , its only 10A per batt so its another excuse to bite the bullet and install a good sized alt on the noisemaker if a good quick recharge is desired.

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